Greetings Tribe!  February’s been a big month for The Unsatisfied.  We played a coupla great shows and got a lot accomplished, with the help of YOU, our fans, friends and families.  We started out the month with a killer show at Sluggo’s North in Chattanooga that was booked to shoot a scene for our upcoming video release ‘The Lovin’.  Thanks to our devoted Tribe we had a great turn-out and got some really good footage.  The crowd even helped us out by all wearing masks for one scene!  We can’t thank everyone who attended enough…this is going to be a super-cool scene in the final video!  We’d also like to give a big thanks to our good friends The Value for opening the show and revving up the crowd with their classic punk rock sound.  If you haven’t heard this group, check them out on Reverbnation or facebook.  They play some real, honest rock’n’roll.  Of course, I can’t forget Ashley and Terry, owners of Sluggo’s for letting us take over their room for a day! Thanks guys!! Sluggo’s ROCKS!

This past weekend (Feb 17-19) we had a blast hanging out and performing at ConNooga, Chattanooga’s best Sci-Fi and Comics convention.  Friday evening Eric and I were on a panel with a few of the members of Radio Cult and Bella Morte where we all told tales of the trials and tribulations of being in a band on the road.  A few of the younger guys in the audience seemed to get a real kick out of some of these stories.  Later that night we got to see Leticia Wolf perform and caught Radio Cult’s set as well, Great Stuff!!  Eric also did a phone-in interview on that should be available as a podcast soon, if you weren’t tuned in.  Saturday afternoon we all had the pleasure of doing an interview with Mr. Timothy Dean of TDB Pirate Radio.  It was good to finally meet him and we’ll spread the word as soon as the podcast goes up.  That night we had one of the coolest Unsatisfied shows ever!  We were joined on stage by a fairly fresh dead girl, a mutated zombie and The Devil himself.  During the course of the performance Eric danced with the dead, was beaten and berated by The Devil and finally attacked by a zombie who gutted him on stage!  All this, and he arose from the stage to finish the set soaked in his own “blood”!  What a show!!   After we cleaned up our mess and caught our collective breaths we stopped in at a few of the room parties and had a ball!  ConNooga was a great time and we hope to be back with an even bigger show next year.  We want to thank Jesse Shorter, Destiny Scealf and Dylan Bales for their parts in our show (recognize any of those surnames?).  They took an already intense performance and helped to propel it to a whole other level.  Be on the lookout for more of this kinda stuff at our shows in the future, we’re just getting started with this!  We also want to thank Mitch Davis for an awesome job as our photographer this weekend.  You can see his photos as well as some video from the show on our facebook page:

Now, down to some serious business…Our dear friend, singer and Tribal Shaman, Eric Scealf has lost a precious possession.  In ’95 Eric was given a Shure SM58 microphone by Lux Interior of The Cramps.  Lux had just spent the last little while bashing the mic into the stage at The Roxy, (so much that a sliver of wood from the stage was lodged beneath the windscreen).   That was the first time Eric got to meet his hero Lux, and since then he kept that mic like a trophy.  He actually used it for a few shows right after he received it.  You just can’t kill an SM58, but Eric decided to retire it to the trophy shelf and not risk further damage to it.  For the last few years he’s carried it with us in his make-up case whenever we’re performing or taping something.  It’s Eric’s talisman, his good-luck charm.  Recently, it came up missing.  There’s a story about it here:

Please help spread the word on this, it means alot to all of us.  Eric has posted a $500.00 reward for its return.  If you hear anything you can contact us at

In the mean time check out our facebook and Reverbnation pages and keep on the watch for another video release soon.  I’ll be back in a few weeks with more news and happenings about The Unsatisfied! Til then: Luv’n’Blood!!



Unsatisfied with Negativity

Greetings Tribe…Are you unsatisfied yet? I’m unsatisfied with negativity and disillusionment. Through the years The Unsatisfied, as a group, spent alot of time battling doubt and dissension. People that tried to pull us down from within and without by their negative attitudes, their own self-doubts and disbelief. Negativity and self-doubt are a contagion. An insidious disease that can creep into your brain and destroy your hopes, your dreams, your ideals, and everything that makes life worthwhile.
How do we fight this? By refusing to give battle…That is to say, leave negative people and negative situations behind. Don’t acknowledge them as real. Put negative thoughts out of your mind before they can creep into your subconscious. We’ve chosen to change our own attitudes. We get off our asses and work towards our goals. We try to become inspirations. We attempt to bring joy to other people. Love and positivity will conquer Evil every time. If everyone will stand up and say that they are unsatisfied with the status quo, and if everyone will spread positive ideas and thoughts, then none of us can lose. Don’t you see it?
Look around at all the good and try to make it better.
The power of the spirit and the flow of the universe reside in positivity. Watch us as we control our destiny, and come along for the ride!!!!

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Are You Satisfied?

It’s a new year. Are you satisfied with where you are, where you’ve been? Do you have a clear focus on what you need to be satisfied?
In the face of great triumph, I was unsatisfied. When things went my way, I was unsatisfied. In failure and defeat I’m always unsatisfied.
What is the path to happiness and satisfaction? To be Unsatisfied…that’s the way. To never settle for anything but what YOU, and you alone, perceive to be the absolute best, then to question what you think is best. A constant push to obtain perfection in everything you do is the way to true satisfaction.
Never settle, even when you think it’s done.
Success or failure does not matter, but striving for excellence is the key to a better world. In everything we do in life, it’s important to give the utmost effort. Without trying for perfection, how can anything improve? With failure we learn. Rise above the mistakes and bad decisions. Don’t settle for the outcome, but strive to change it through new actions and ideas, a good attitude, focus and faith.
Faith in yourself, faith in the future and faith in what you can accomplish.
For most of my life I’ve been misunderstood and misread. I couldn’t clearly explain myself or my thoughts. This makes things hard on a person. I gravitated to music as a way to express myself and deal with my feelings of being an outsider.
I named my group ‘The Unsatisfied’ for a reason. I wasn’t satisfied then, and I’m still not satisfied now. Trying to attain perfection is what keeps us alive. If you settle for things as they lay, then you become sedentary, and die, and rot. I’ve seen a lot of people settle for their lot in life and watched their dreams fade away. To me that’s a fate worse than death. If the dreams die, the people die, leaving nothing to be remembered, nothing remarkable. I will not settle for that. My life is not a prison. To be unsatisfied is a gift. Join me.


Be Unsatisfied

Click on the link below to download our latest single ‘Blood Gospel’ for FREE

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Salutations Tribe!  It’s miserable out so you might as well snuggle up with your dear ol’ Unsatisfied and rock out for awhile!  We’ve been staying busy with all sorts of projects and plans, lemme fill you all in…

Our main project right now is the filming of a new concept video for ‘The Lovin’ from ‘Songs the Belt Taught Us’.  This will be our second “Official” video released from that CD, but what really makes this one special is that YOU could be in it!  On February 11 we will be shooting scenes for a portion of the video at Sluggo’s North in Chattanooga.  The shoot will involve a live set by The Unsatisfied with a few pauses for audience participation and shooting some different angles.  Local punk legends The Value are gonna warm up the crowd before the taping begins.  It’ll be like a regular show with some fun extras going on and it’s only $1 to get in.  Basically you’ll get to see 2 of Chattanooga’s finest acts in a very intimate setting, and be in some scenes for The Unsatisfied’s next video!  All for a buck!!  Plus, Sluggo’s has great food and cold beer…what more could you want?  Check our facebook page for more details and times.

You can get more info on Sluggo’s here:

We’re also in the middle of rehearsing and planning for this year’s ConNooga.  If you’re not in the know, ConNooga is a killer Comic and Sci-Fi convention held every February at The Chattanooga Choo-Choo.  This’ll be our second year performing, and we can’t wait!  Eric and E.T. have cooked up a stage-show that ought to rival anything we’ve ever pulled off before!  Last year our performance was slightly interrupted by paramedics rushing the stage, until they realized that Eric’s gushing head-wound was more Science-Fiction than Medical Fact!  They were a little put out, but we were glad to see they were Johnny-On-the-Spot, you just never know what might happen at an Unsatisfied show!  We’ll be performing at 8:30pm on Saturday Feb 18th in the Centennial Theatre at the Choo-Choo. Don’t miss it!  We will also be a part of a Panel Discussion called ‘From the Band’s Point of View’ on Friday, Feb. 17th at 5:00pm in the Finley Lecture Hall.  Other Panelists include: Leticia Wolf, Bella Morte, Radio Cult and  Rogue Holly.  The panel will give you an opportunity to ask any and all of us about our lives (and businesses) as musicians.  We will also have a booth set up in the Exhibitors Hall, so if your there, stop by and say “Hello” in person! It should be pretty cool.  You can get more info on ConNooga here:

Last week we went down and played a little show in Atlanta at the fabulous Clermont Lounge.  We decided to get out and knock the rust off a bit before these upcoming shows and our friends The Bums and The Dirty Knockouts were kind enough to host us in Atlanta’s diviest of dives.  The Clermont is a legendary Hotel Bar/Strip Joint/Punk Club…I don’t think there’s anything else quite like it in the Western hemisphere.  The place has its own brand of sleaze…simply amazing.  If you ever get the chance, you gotta check it out.

In the mean time, we’ve still been planning and getting info together for our upcoming benefit concert for Chattanooga Room in the Inn Women’s Shelter.  We should have a BIG announcement regarding this soon.

Last week Eric and I did an interview with Ginger Coyote from Punk Globe Magazine! We’ll have a feature in February’s edition so be sure to check it out.  We’ll also have a full length feature on  for the month of February.  We’re also still writing material for the next CD and rehashing some of the older tunes, it never gets boring in Unsatisfiedland!

That sums up the last few weeks, but check back and I’ll have more news.  Keep in touch with us tribe, we love hearing from you.

Welp, that’s about it for now…stay warm…and stay tuned…

Over and Out


The Unsatisfied

Well tribe, here we are at the close of yet another year. 2011 has been huge for The Unsatisfied.  In April we released our 4th CD ‘Songs the Belt Taught Us’.  The disc stirred up some critical acclaim, a little national radio play, and international attention from the press and rock fans everywhere!  We couldn’t be happier!   The day that the CD was released the entire Southeastern part of the U.S. was devastated by a huge rash of tornadoes.  Our hometown of Chattanooga was hit by 3 or 4 that day.  Luckily we were all spared any real losses and were even able to help host a Tornado Relief Benefit just 4 days later.  It was a roaring success with a truckload of food, clothing and other necessities, as well as a healthy cash donation to The American Red Cross.   Simply amazing, considering most of the area was still without electricity!

Around the same time that the CD was released we, as well as many of our fans were stunned by the news that Wayno was leaving The Unsatisfied due to health issues.  Wayne Shadwick was a great guitarist and a valued member of the group for many years.  Wayno was instrumental in writing alot of the group’s material and he worked tirelessly in the studio helping to get “The Belt” finished.  We love you, brother.  Always.

Wayno’s spot was soon filled by Joel Hastings.  Joel spent the last several years playing guitar for the punk group Local Union.  He fell right into place and we couldn’t have found a better friend and brother to join us.  Joel’s contribution so far has been invaluable.

After the CD’s release we spent the entire Spring and Summer playing concerts and benefits all over the South.  We had some great adventures on the road in our trusty(?) Winnebago Warrior that was generously loaned to us from John and Jeni of JJ’s Bohemia.  I’m not sure how many miles we put on the ol’ Warrior but, I do recall at least 3 blowouts and one totally wrecked transmission that left us stranded in Kentucky.   We all had to ride home in a Uhaul…that’s a tale of its own.

2011 also saw the passing of our dear friend and comrade John Johnson.  He was a punk rock icon in the local scene when The Unsatisfied was just getting started and a close friend of everyone in the group.  We miss you John. Luv’n’Blood.

We did a lot of charity work in 2011 and had a blast.  We learned that we can use even what little celebrity we have to turn people on to good causes and to at least help bring attention to some of the things we believe in.  We’ve recently adopted the local organization ‘Chattanooga Room in the Inn’.  They are a charity that helps battered and homeless women and children.  You can learn more about them here: and we’ll have plenty of announcements and fund raisers coming soon.

These are mostly just the highlights of our year.  We’ve made a ton of new friends and contacts and our tribe continues to grow daily.  We love each and every one of you.  2012 promises to be the biggest year yet for The Unsatisfied.

It’s also been said that 2012 will be the end…Well, if you look around there’s plenty that needs to be ended.  Before rehearsal a few weeks ago we were all talking about this 2012 Mayan Calendar end-time scenario.  We came to the conclusion that this dark and foreboding outlook may be nothing but pessimism.  What if there is a drastic change in the planet, but a change for good?  What if the things that come to an end are greed and avarice, prejudice and intimidation?  What if egos are torn down and people built up?  What if we all try to walk in somebody else’s shoes?  I know this may sound a little “peace and love, Summer of 69”-ish coming from some bad-ass rockers like The Unsatisfied, but think about it.  What if we all try to be just a little better…besides, if it is the end of the world then you can go out feelin’ good about yourself!  I wanna die smilin’!  Join us in making the Apocalypse an unveiling of Truth and Brotherhood.   Anyway, it may be something to think about.

On that note, here’s a little New Year’s Wish from The Unsatisfied.  We shot this in our practice studio with the help of the wonderful Hollie Stockman.  You can get an inside view of the luxurious surroundings where we create our songs.  You also get an idea what it looks and sounds like at an Unsatisfied practice…and we were just warming up! The song is an older number that we’ve recently resurrected since it seems to speak to the current times.   Happy New Year tribe!

That’s it for this edition.  Tune in next time for more news and opinions from The Unsatisfied!  Be safe, be happy, and have a great new year!



The Unsatisfied

Welcome Tribe, to the third installment of the Official Blog of The Unsatisfied.  I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did.  We in The Unsatisfied have had an awful lot to be thankful for this year.

The week-end after Thanksgiving we got to take part in a little surprise party for our friend, Sgt. Michael Watson of CNN fame.  His darling wife, Heather contacted us a few weeks before the holiday to let us know that the Sarge was back in the States and that they would be in Atlanta for the GA/GA Tech football game the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  With a couple of phone calls to The Sheraton Atlanta we had it all set up.  Sgt. Watson and his companions were indeed surprised to walk in to Fandangle’s Lounge at The Sheraton after the game to see The Unsatisfied in the flesh!  We had a private dining room reserved where we had a few drinks, signed some autographs and played a very personal acoustic set for the Sergeant and his guests.  All of the members of the band were excited about getting to meet the Sarge in person, but once we were there it was like being re-united with family.  We had a blast!  You can check out for some photos and a few iPhone clips of some acoustic stuff.  We’d also like to send a HUGE thank you to Katie in the Marketing department of The Sheraton Atlanta as well as the entire staff at the hotel.  What a great bunch of people! Luv’n’Blood Sheraton!

Speaking of ye olde iPhone…we spent an afternoon in early Autumn in a junkyard armed with nothing but artistic vision, a rough storyboard idea and a couple of iPhones.  What resulted was the Official Video for ‘Apocalypse of Joan’, the second single from our latest CD.    Our main-man Eric Scealf and guitarist Johnny Stockman did the directing and Johnny did most of the “camera” work.  The finished version of the video contains nothing but images shot on the iPhone and then edited by Mr. Stockman…Amazing, in my humble opinion.   The video is full of some spectacular images that mirror the weird and spooky vibe of the song.  We had heard of alot of people complaining about the video quality of iPhones before we ever started, but we felt that the finished product had a classic 8mm look to it.  One man’s trash is another man’s art, perhaps?

Anyway, you be the judge…

you can see it here:

Our next video is in the planning stages and will be a concept piece for ‘The Lovin”, which was the first single from  ‘Songs the Belt Taught Us’.  We’re not sure yet if any of it will be shot on a cell-phone, but we’ll keep you posted.

After our shows at the end of October we’ve taken a little time off from the road.  We’ve been spending alot of time writing new material, working on the videos and generally taking care of business and spending a little time with our families for the Holidays.  We intend to tour sometime early next year, but may do a show or two in the region between now and then just to test-drive some of the new songs…We think they’re the best yet!

And-Don’t forget to go to for all of your Holiday shopping needs…at least those that Rock!  We have some great download specials that’ll be running through the end of the year, so be sure to stop in and load up your new toys with some Unsatisfied tunes after Christmas too!

Coming Soon:  A Five Part Guest-Blog by the one and only Jim Sells!  Each Blog will feature a one-on-one interview with a single member of The Unsatisfied!  This should be great!

Stay tuned Rock’n’Rollas! For now, we’re signing off. Luv’n’Blood!


Hey Hey, we’re back!

As you’ve probably heard, this past Halloween marked the 25th Anniversary of The Unsatisfied.  And what an awesome birthday weekend it turned out to be! Lemme fill you in.

We played a great show in Atlanta on Saturday night (10/29).  It was at a venue called The Quad, just a couple of blocks away from the Georgia Tech football stadium and it was game day.   We had never played this particular establishment, usually making the rounds at The Masquerade, Star Bar, or The Earl.  It turned out to be incredible.  The Quad consists of about half of a city block.  All the buildings have been joined together into a gigantic nightclub.  I counted at least 5 full bars, 2 patios, a half dozen lounges and fifteen bathrooms…all in one club!  I got lost twice during the evening trying to find my way from the dressing room to the stage where we were playing.  It was a wild and weird night with the line to get in the place wrapping around the block, even at 2 a.m.!  Atlanta never sleeps!

We shared the stage with a zombie fashion show, The Sexual Side Effects ( a GREAT rock band from the Atl.) and Starbolt 9(some rockin’ friends from NYC).  I think every freak in Atlanta was there that night, and some of the South’s premiere DJ’s brought the house down.  What a show!  We got back as the sun came up on Sunday and took the day off to rest up for our 25th Anniversary Bash on Halloween.

That night we got a call from a producer about a home-made video shot on an iPhone that we had posted on CNN’s iReporter site to give a little shout-out to a soldier fan/friend of ours who’s serving in Iraq.  Turns out that CNN aired our little vid on their HLN Morning Express show’s ‘Salute to Troops’ on Halloween Morning! So, The Unsatisfied’s birthday began with HLN Anchor Robin Meade announcing our salute and showing our own personal Thank You to our pal, Sgt Watson & the rest of the 18th Infantry.  The anchors also shared a few giggles at our expense later in the show. I guess they’re not used to make-up smeared glam-punks on the Morning News!  Luv’n’Blood, Robin! What a hoot!  You can check it out here:

Later that night we played a show to a full house at the coolest rock-bar ANYWHERE, J.J.’s Bohemia, here in our hometown of Chattanooga.  Our Halloween Birthday Bash set was followed up by a sneak-preview of our upcoming video and then, a screening of  ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’.  What a night! What a week-end!  And that brings me to this…

For all of you guys and gals and freaks and queens, all you rockers, rollers, fakers, and f#%!+ers. For all the crew members, soundmen, engineers, techs, supporters, friends, waitresses, mechanics, bartenders and cooks.  For every single one of you that ever did anything to support The Unsatisfied…THANK YOU!  You are our tribe, we rock for you, we live for you, we give you our Luv’n’Blood, and all this wouldn’t mean too much without you.  Thanks for 25 years.  Let’s go for at least another 20, Whaddya say??

Luv’n’Blood as always


Talk to you soon.

This is the First official Blog by your friendly RocknRollas The Unsatisfied.

The idea here is simple. It’s yet another format available on the magical interweb for us to talk to, meet, & relate to our friends & fans.  The blog will be hosted primarily by yours truly, Doug Bales, drummer & PR slut for the group. From time to time the other members of the band will chime in w/ their twocents as well. 

     For those of you new to The Unsatisfied, check for links & info. The group has been playing for 25 years now.  Started in 1986 by frontman extraordinaire Eric Scealf, my brother, my hero.   I was the original drummer, but didn’t even last until the first gig, due to a broken elbow.  Mine & Eric’s paths have intertwined ever since ’86 & I wound up behind him once again 6 years ago…this time to stay.

Okay, on to Blog numero uno…

     When The Unsatisfied writes songs, we try to transcend tradition.  That is, we mold our influences into something as original sounding as possible.  If a melody or a beat or a riff sounds like anything we’ve heard before, we try to change it, alter it somehow to make it fresh.  Even if it resembles an old Unsatisfied song, we change it.   Musically we try to be as uninhibited and open as possible, hence the passion in our songs & performances.  We strive to make music that WE want to hear and pray that the Muses will grant us something that alot of other people can dig on just as much as we do.  Make sense?

For this first Blog Eric had a great idea.  We’d like to get YOUR feedback on how our music effects you.  Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite live performance experience with The Unsatisfied.  If you haven’t been to a show then tune us in on Pandora Radio (it’s free) and crank up the volume, then drop us a line & tell us how you feel.

I’ll be back in a week or so with some more.

Adios for now,



The Unsatisfied