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Posted: October 19, 2011 in Music
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This is the First official Blog by your friendly RocknRollas The Unsatisfied.

The idea here is simple. It’s yet another format available on the magical interweb for us to talk to, meet, & relate to our friends & fans.  The blog will be hosted primarily by yours truly, Doug Bales, drummer & PR slut for the group. From time to time the other members of the band will chime in w/ their twocents as well. 

     For those of you new to The Unsatisfied, check www.theunsatisfied.com for links & info. The group has been playing for 25 years now.  Started in 1986 by frontman extraordinaire Eric Scealf, my brother, my hero.   I was the original drummer, but didn’t even last until the first gig, due to a broken elbow.  Mine & Eric’s paths have intertwined ever since ’86 & I wound up behind him once again 6 years ago…this time to stay.

Okay, on to Blog numero uno…

     When The Unsatisfied writes songs, we try to transcend tradition.  That is, we mold our influences into something as original sounding as possible.  If a melody or a beat or a riff sounds like anything we’ve heard before, we try to change it, alter it somehow to make it fresh.  Even if it resembles an old Unsatisfied song, we change it.   Musically we try to be as uninhibited and open as possible, hence the passion in our songs & performances.  We strive to make music that WE want to hear and pray that the Muses will grant us something that alot of other people can dig on just as much as we do.  Make sense?

For this first Blog Eric had a great idea.  We’d like to get YOUR feedback on how our music effects you.  Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite live performance experience with The Unsatisfied.  If you haven’t been to a show then tune us in on Pandora Radio (it’s free) and crank up the volume, then drop us a line & tell us how you feel.

I’ll be back in a week or so with some more.

Adios for now,



The Unsatisfied


  1. Dan Cowart says:

    Simply the greatest rock band in the history of Chattanooga. Never compromising, NEVER backing down……

    • We have a long history with the Unsatisfied as well. Myself (BMF) and Miss Chicky know how talented you all are and know that your ‘time’ is coming for the recognition you deserve.

      Of course, my favorite live performance experience is at my birthday last year. Check out some photos and more of the memorable perfect event here.


    • andrew heck says:

      my first show would have been in ’88 or ’89 at miller park. my mom must have dropped me off downtown. i was already into whatever i could put my hands on, musicaly and otherwise, but the unsatisfied were kinda out there for chattanooga at the time, see. eric and fishnet, eyeliner and sweat was chattanooga glam. this awesome town wouldn’t be as awesome without this band. the present lineup is fantastic and the recent shows are stunning. kick-ass, punk as fuck, rock and roll.

  2. godmoney says:

    I also wanted to say, I”m glad to see you with this blog. It’s about time.

  3. JUD STALLION says:

    The Unsatisfied make music that is sexy and ferocious. I can only compare seeing them live for the first time at Radio Cafe in Nashville in 2003 to the first time I had sex. Hearing songs such as “You Don’t Know Me”, “Dominant Divinity”, and “Occultist” played at full volume make me feel like I can fly… like I want to bash my head against the wall, spit on the ground, shake my hips, and bang my head… especially seeing the band live. Eric Scealf’s stage presence draws me in, and the deafening dual Les Paul attack keeps me high. The Unsatisfied are playing real dangerous rock n’ roll that is very hard to find these days. They are and have always been an inspiration to me in all that I do musically.

  4. Mika Shadwick says:

    The Unsatisfied has touched my life in more ways than one! I love all of you guys so much! Had it not been for your music…I would have never met and fallen in love with my soul mate, Wayno! So I have to thank you guys for existing! You know I love the music, and I miss being “part of the band”. Hopefully one day they will discover a cure for what ails my sweet husband, and he can be a part of it again. We miss and love you guys, so much. Luv ‘n’ Blood!

  5. E. Tucker says:

    Watching that Bales fellow in that kilt, twirling and bangin’ them drums, bust my springs………….

  6. wolfchild full of grace says:

    …A favorite LIVE show from these galm fag white trash black occultist…..can’t be done….ACCORDING to one self-proclaimed tribal council member who is up to date on her tribal dues, experienced over 80 performances, some here in town, some away, some when I was sober, many when I was not, used gallons of eyeliner, torn many o pair of fishnets, remember each and every band mate, even the temps., showed my appeciation as well as my white trash black irish ass! I remember Wayno before he gained rock-god status, watched E and Lysa raise all their WOLFCUBS, that would include their two girls 1st, next their dogs, then us prodical ones, watched Johnny love only his AXE trying to be a family man until he got the PERFECT ONE! Thanks Mrs. Stockman!!!!!! Kicked out the jams with E.T. before he took his TRUE place…on the stage, not infront of it, watched Eric,in cheetah thongs commince to destroying a few stages…oops I mean PALEFACE, that guy that lives in Eric’s mouth! Be a practice or a show, headliner or not, I can’t think of one single second that u guys didn’t kick my water lovin ass!!!!! I look forward to this years anniversary at JJ’s! …..I was a regular DOUGIE fan>>>>>.Papatootie bless my soul, I need a fix of PUNK AND ROLL!!!! In a nut-shell……If u have seen one display of the wonder we know as THE UNSATISFIED……u have seen their best, they give it EVERYTIME….just like 2+2=4 no matter how u add it up, E + [4 ] Johnny, E.T., BabyJoel , Daddy-Doug=musical holy-ghost revival salvation!

  7. Jeremy Nolan says:

    no matter where we were…changin a fan belt in the parking lot of an autozone to make a gig for 10 people in jacksonville fla. Or,riding in the back of a pickup truck,all the way to NYC to paly CBGBs. I was part of a relentless,living,breathing,rock n roll machine that brought hell and dropped jaws on a lot of faces. just being a wing-man, to what is prolly the most energetic show u can get in these times was always an inspiration for the next gig. to play harder, to bleed more, to enlighten people as to what rock n roll is realy. For me to play music, create art,and simply live the way i wanna live. That is the inspiration i took from The Unsatisfied. Happy 25th you guys. -Jeremy Neverwas.

  8. Johnny and Molly Wingo says:

    We really enjoyed the 25th annv. show at JJs last night. You guys sound better than you ever have. Keep on rippin’ it up.

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