Halloween, Soldiers, iPhones and Robin Meade

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Music, Uncategorized
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Hey Hey, we’re back!

As you’ve probably heard, this past Halloween marked the 25th Anniversary of The Unsatisfied.  And what an awesome birthday weekend it turned out to be! Lemme fill you in.

We played a great show in Atlanta on Saturday night (10/29).  It was at a venue called The Quad, just a couple of blocks away from the Georgia Tech football stadium and it was game day.   We had never played this particular establishment, usually making the rounds at The Masquerade, Star Bar, or The Earl.  It turned out to be incredible.  The Quad consists of about half of a city block.  All the buildings have been joined together into a gigantic nightclub.  I counted at least 5 full bars, 2 patios, a half dozen lounges and fifteen bathrooms…all in one club!  I got lost twice during the evening trying to find my way from the dressing room to the stage where we were playing.  It was a wild and weird night with the line to get in the place wrapping around the block, even at 2 a.m.!  Atlanta never sleeps!

We shared the stage with a zombie fashion show, The Sexual Side Effects ( a GREAT rock band from the Atl.) and Starbolt 9(some rockin’ friends from NYC).  I think every freak in Atlanta was there that night, and some of the South’s premiere DJ’s brought the house down.  What a show!  We got back as the sun came up on Sunday and took the day off to rest up for our 25th Anniversary Bash on Halloween.

That night we got a call from a producer about a home-made video shot on an iPhone that we had posted on CNN’s iReporter site to give a little shout-out to a soldier fan/friend of ours who’s serving in Iraq.  Turns out that CNN aired our little vid on their HLN Morning Express show’s ‘Salute to Troops’ on Halloween Morning! So, The Unsatisfied’s birthday began with HLN Anchor Robin Meade announcing our salute and showing our own personal Thank You to our pal, Sgt Watson & the rest of the 18th Infantry.  The anchors also shared a few giggles at our expense later in the show. I guess they’re not used to make-up smeared glam-punks on the Morning News!  Luv’n’Blood, Robin! What a hoot!  You can check it out here:  http://salute.blogs.cnn.com/2011/10/31/the-unsatisfied-send-love-blood-to-sgt-michael-watson-and-the-18th-infantry/

Later that night we played a show to a full house at the coolest rock-bar ANYWHERE, J.J.’s Bohemia, here in our hometown of Chattanooga.  Our Halloween Birthday Bash set was followed up by a sneak-preview of our upcoming video and then, a screening of  ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’.  What a night! What a week-end!  And that brings me to this…

For all of you guys and gals and freaks and queens, all you rockers, rollers, fakers, and f#%!+ers. For all the crew members, soundmen, engineers, techs, supporters, friends, waitresses, mechanics, bartenders and cooks.  For every single one of you that ever did anything to support The Unsatisfied…THANK YOU!  You are our tribe, we rock for you, we live for you, we give you our Luv’n’Blood, and all this wouldn’t mean too much without you.  Thanks for 25 years.  Let’s go for at least another 20, Whaddya say??

Luv’n’Blood as always


Talk to you soon.

  1. godmoney says:

    At least 20 more

  2. honeybee says:

    thanks so f’n much daddy doug for taking time to write up the most awesome display of literacy,u seem to make words flow as easily as u do rhythm……much luvnblood! Missy

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