Salutations Tribe!  It’s miserable out so you might as well snuggle up with your dear ol’ Unsatisfied and rock out for awhile!  We’ve been staying busy with all sorts of projects and plans, lemme fill you all in…

Our main project right now is the filming of a new concept video for ‘The Lovin’ from ‘Songs the Belt Taught Us’.  This will be our second “Official” video released from that CD, but what really makes this one special is that YOU could be in it!  On February 11 we will be shooting scenes for a portion of the video at Sluggo’s North in Chattanooga.  The shoot will involve a live set by The Unsatisfied with a few pauses for audience participation and shooting some different angles.  Local punk legends The Value are gonna warm up the crowd before the taping begins.  It’ll be like a regular show with some fun extras going on and it’s only $1 to get in.  Basically you’ll get to see 2 of Chattanooga’s finest acts in a very intimate setting, and be in some scenes for The Unsatisfied’s next video!  All for a buck!!  Plus, Sluggo’s has great food and cold beer…what more could you want?  Check our facebook page for more details and times.

You can get more info on Sluggo’s here:

We’re also in the middle of rehearsing and planning for this year’s ConNooga.  If you’re not in the know, ConNooga is a killer Comic and Sci-Fi convention held every February at The Chattanooga Choo-Choo.  This’ll be our second year performing, and we can’t wait!  Eric and E.T. have cooked up a stage-show that ought to rival anything we’ve ever pulled off before!  Last year our performance was slightly interrupted by paramedics rushing the stage, until they realized that Eric’s gushing head-wound was more Science-Fiction than Medical Fact!  They were a little put out, but we were glad to see they were Johnny-On-the-Spot, you just never know what might happen at an Unsatisfied show!  We’ll be performing at 8:30pm on Saturday Feb 18th in the Centennial Theatre at the Choo-Choo. Don’t miss it!  We will also be a part of a Panel Discussion called ‘From the Band’s Point of View’ on Friday, Feb. 17th at 5:00pm in the Finley Lecture Hall.  Other Panelists include: Leticia Wolf, Bella Morte, Radio Cult and  Rogue Holly.  The panel will give you an opportunity to ask any and all of us about our lives (and businesses) as musicians.  We will also have a booth set up in the Exhibitors Hall, so if your there, stop by and say “Hello” in person! It should be pretty cool.  You can get more info on ConNooga here:

Last week we went down and played a little show in Atlanta at the fabulous Clermont Lounge.  We decided to get out and knock the rust off a bit before these upcoming shows and our friends The Bums and The Dirty Knockouts were kind enough to host us in Atlanta’s diviest of dives.  The Clermont is a legendary Hotel Bar/Strip Joint/Punk Club…I don’t think there’s anything else quite like it in the Western hemisphere.  The place has its own brand of sleaze…simply amazing.  If you ever get the chance, you gotta check it out.

In the mean time, we’ve still been planning and getting info together for our upcoming benefit concert for Chattanooga Room in the Inn Women’s Shelter.  We should have a BIG announcement regarding this soon.

Last week Eric and I did an interview with Ginger Coyote from Punk Globe Magazine! We’ll have a feature in February’s edition so be sure to check it out.  We’ll also have a full length feature on  for the month of February.  We’re also still writing material for the next CD and rehashing some of the older tunes, it never gets boring in Unsatisfiedland!

That sums up the last few weeks, but check back and I’ll have more news.  Keep in touch with us tribe, we love hearing from you.

Welp, that’s about it for now…stay warm…and stay tuned…

Over and Out


The Unsatisfied


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