Greetings Tribe!  February’s been a big month for The Unsatisfied.  We played a coupla great shows and got a lot accomplished, with the help of YOU, our fans, friends and families.  We started out the month with a killer show at Sluggo’s North in Chattanooga that was booked to shoot a scene for our upcoming video release ‘The Lovin’.  Thanks to our devoted Tribe we had a great turn-out and got some really good footage.  The crowd even helped us out by all wearing masks for one scene!  We can’t thank everyone who attended enough…this is going to be a super-cool scene in the final video!  We’d also like to give a big thanks to our good friends The Value for opening the show and revving up the crowd with their classic punk rock sound.  If you haven’t heard this group, check them out on Reverbnation or facebook.  They play some real, honest rock’n’roll.  Of course, I can’t forget Ashley and Terry, owners of Sluggo’s for letting us take over their room for a day! Thanks guys!! Sluggo’s ROCKS!

This past weekend (Feb 17-19) we had a blast hanging out and performing at ConNooga, Chattanooga’s best Sci-Fi and Comics convention.  Friday evening Eric and I were on a panel with a few of the members of Radio Cult and Bella Morte where we all told tales of the trials and tribulations of being in a band on the road.  A few of the younger guys in the audience seemed to get a real kick out of some of these stories.  Later that night we got to see Leticia Wolf perform and caught Radio Cult’s set as well, Great Stuff!!  Eric also did a phone-in interview on that should be available as a podcast soon, if you weren’t tuned in.  Saturday afternoon we all had the pleasure of doing an interview with Mr. Timothy Dean of TDB Pirate Radio.  It was good to finally meet him and we’ll spread the word as soon as the podcast goes up.  That night we had one of the coolest Unsatisfied shows ever!  We were joined on stage by a fairly fresh dead girl, a mutated zombie and The Devil himself.  During the course of the performance Eric danced with the dead, was beaten and berated by The Devil and finally attacked by a zombie who gutted him on stage!  All this, and he arose from the stage to finish the set soaked in his own “blood”!  What a show!!   After we cleaned up our mess and caught our collective breaths we stopped in at a few of the room parties and had a ball!  ConNooga was a great time and we hope to be back with an even bigger show next year.  We want to thank Jesse Shorter, Destiny Scealf and Dylan Bales for their parts in our show (recognize any of those surnames?).  They took an already intense performance and helped to propel it to a whole other level.  Be on the lookout for more of this kinda stuff at our shows in the future, we’re just getting started with this!  We also want to thank Mitch Davis for an awesome job as our photographer this weekend.  You can see his photos as well as some video from the show on our facebook page:

Now, down to some serious business…Our dear friend, singer and Tribal Shaman, Eric Scealf has lost a precious possession.  In ’95 Eric was given a Shure SM58 microphone by Lux Interior of The Cramps.  Lux had just spent the last little while bashing the mic into the stage at The Roxy, (so much that a sliver of wood from the stage was lodged beneath the windscreen).   That was the first time Eric got to meet his hero Lux, and since then he kept that mic like a trophy.  He actually used it for a few shows right after he received it.  You just can’t kill an SM58, but Eric decided to retire it to the trophy shelf and not risk further damage to it.  For the last few years he’s carried it with us in his make-up case whenever we’re performing or taping something.  It’s Eric’s talisman, his good-luck charm.  Recently, it came up missing.  There’s a story about it here:

Please help spread the word on this, it means alot to all of us.  Eric has posted a $500.00 reward for its return.  If you hear anything you can contact us at

In the mean time check out our facebook and Reverbnation pages and keep on the watch for another video release soon.  I’ll be back in a few weeks with more news and happenings about The Unsatisfied! Til then: Luv’n’Blood!!



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