Are You Satisfied?

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Music, Uncategorized
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Are You Satisfied?

It’s a new year. Are you satisfied with where you are, where you’ve been? Do you have a clear focus on what you need to be satisfied?
In the face of great triumph, I was unsatisfied. When things went my way, I was unsatisfied. In failure and defeat I’m always unsatisfied.
What is the path to happiness and satisfaction? To be Unsatisfied…that’s the way. To never settle for anything but what YOU, and you alone, perceive to be the absolute best, then to question what you think is best. A constant push to obtain perfection in everything you do is the way to true satisfaction.
Never settle, even when you think it’s done.
Success or failure does not matter, but striving for excellence is the key to a better world. In everything we do in life, it’s important to give the utmost effort. Without trying for perfection, how can anything improve? With failure we learn. Rise above the mistakes and bad decisions. Don’t settle for the outcome, but strive to change it through new actions and ideas, a good attitude, focus and faith.
Faith in yourself, faith in the future and faith in what you can accomplish.
For most of my life I’ve been misunderstood and misread. I couldn’t clearly explain myself or my thoughts. This makes things hard on a person. I gravitated to music as a way to express myself and deal with my feelings of being an outsider.
I named my group ‘The Unsatisfied’ for a reason. I wasn’t satisfied then, and I’m still not satisfied now. Trying to attain perfection is what keeps us alive. If you settle for things as they lay, then you become sedentary, and die, and rot. I’ve seen a lot of people settle for their lot in life and watched their dreams fade away. To me that’s a fate worse than death. If the dreams die, the people die, leaving nothing to be remembered, nothing remarkable. I will not settle for that. My life is not a prison. To be unsatisfied is a gift. Join me.


Be Unsatisfied

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