Unsatisfied with Negativity

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Unsatisfied with Negativity

Greetings Tribe…Are you unsatisfied yet? I’m unsatisfied with negativity and disillusionment. Through the years The Unsatisfied, as a group, spent alot of time battling doubt and dissension. People that tried to pull us down from within and without by their negative attitudes, their own self-doubts and disbelief. Negativity and self-doubt are a contagion. An insidious disease that can creep into your brain and destroy your hopes, your dreams, your ideals, and everything that makes life worthwhile.
How do we fight this? By refusing to give battle…That is to say, leave negative people and negative situations behind. Don’t acknowledge them as real. Put negative thoughts out of your mind before they can creep into your subconscious. We’ve chosen to change our own attitudes. We get off our asses and work towards our goals. We try to become inspirations. We attempt to bring joy to other people. Love and positivity will conquer Evil every time. If everyone will stand up and say that they are unsatisfied with the status quo, and if everyone will spread positive ideas and thoughts, then none of us can lose. Don’t you see it?
Look around at all the good and try to make it better.
The power of the spirit and the flow of the universe reside in positivity. Watch us as we control our destiny, and come along for the ride!!!!


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